Explaining the North Carolina Vote: They were afraid of the Sugar Dandies.


Family, Singleness and Marriage; To wed or not to wed – that is the question

a simple desire

“So the person who marries does well, and the person who doesn’t marry does even better. “   (1 Corinthians 7:38)

I am trying very hard to keep a straight face about this verse.

And I am trying to keep in mind that Paul was – and it is very evident in this verse – a product of his time. He says earlier in this passage that when one is married, the married person’s focus and attention is apt to be divided between pleasing the spouse and pleasing God. I am not sure there is or should be much difference between the two.

In The Message verse 38 says, “because of the times we live in, I do have pastoral reasons for encouraging singleness.” I believe Paul is referring to the believe that Christ will return within the people of the early church’s lifetime, and so this is another…

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Baby’s milk

everyday with my son

You played one of your favorite games with me, that is force feeding me your milk. I was looking at someplace and you just abruptly stab your baby bottle in my mouth. You have very strong hands ( I am not exaggerating) and it is too fast for me to parry it or move away.

It does not taste good and I wonder how you liked it so much. I wiped my mouth with wet tissues and then you started to laugh at me. It is an evil laugh of sorts. I find it funny and end up laughing with you.

I don’t like your milk and I prefer unhealthy beverages like Coke… and someday, like most, you will too discover the magic inside those soda cans.



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It’s All About Love…


I’ve recently learned that President Obama has come out openly in support of same sex marriage. Not just that, but he’s the first president on record to have done so. As someone who’s gay, that makes me incredibly happy. As someone who’s a human being, that makes me incredibly happy as well. As happy as that makes me, It saddens me that people out there such as…Rush Limbaugh have nothing better to do than make statements like: “We’ve arrived at a point where the President of the United States is going to lead a war on traditional marriage.” Now, while it’s every person’s right to have whatever opinion they might, there’s no reason to start hooting and hollering simply because the President has seen fit to acknowledge that same sex couples, just as everyone else, deserve the right to be married. Not have “domestic partnerships” or any such thing, but to…

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Happy Mother’s Day

cre8vekaos's universe

I’ve had 45 years to be a daughter. The oldest of five to be precise, so I’ve been a daughter as long Mom’s been a mother.

With the arrogance of youth, it took me a while to realize how wise my mother is.  After all, a child knows all and a parent can’t possibly understand.

As the years marched on, my mother slowly started getting smarter.   A revelation of epic proportions for any child. Each principle and skill she taught me, became more and more valuable.

Be kind to others. Lend a hand to those in need without an expectation of return. An honest day’s labor will only make you stronger.  Celebrate every victory. The world is a very big place.  Canning is a team sport.  Green beans are wily devils that hide in plan sight.  Family is forever.  Books are portals to other places and worlds.

As time marches forward…

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Woman says P500-boy is her missing child

Cebu Daily News

A WOMAN came forward yesterday to claim the 2-year-old boy whom a man tried to sell to a couple in Compostela town, northern Cebu, for P500 last month.

The woman’s identity is being withheld to ensure the child’s privacy. She went to the office of the regional Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and identified the child through moles in the sole of his left foot and left temple.

The woman is a native of Argao town who’s temporarily staying at the Carmen Public Market.

She asked the help of TV5 reporter Arnold Bustamante to find her child, whom she said has been missing for two months.

She told police that a trisikad driver took her boy after her live-in partner and his garbage collector companion slept near the pawnshop in Liloan town.

She said even the guard at a pharmacy outlet witnessed the kidnapping.

“The guard even told…

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